1.   What does BidVolt do?
BidVolt is the only Search Engine dedicated to the Construction Industry.

Our mission is to provide our users easy access to relevant business information that answers questions and solves problems including in-depth information on thousands of construction projects across the U.S.

Our proprietary Search environment delivers results that are narrowly focused on the Commercial and Single Family Residential Construction industry so our users don't have to wade through millions of web pages to find the information they need.

1.   How do I contact BidVolt?
By Phone: 1 (877) 737-6482 Monday - Thursday: 8am - 5pm, Friday 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., Central Time

By Email: support@BidVolt.com

3.   Do you offer a trial?
We do offer a trial subscription. For just $5.95, you can start a subscription to the BidVolt website and have access to all project and contact data. After 3 days, if you have not contacted us to stop the trial, you will be upgraded to a monthly subscription and be billed the $59.95 cost of the monthly plan. There are no term commitments and you may cancel at any time if you are not completely satisfied.

4.    How much does it cost to become a member of BidVolt?
Our basic plan is pay as you go. You will be billed $59.95 monthly, and you may cancel monthly subscription at anytime. You get access to the BidVolt site including all project and contact information along with weekly email reminders of projects in your area.

We also offer a one-year subscription priced at: $49.95 per month for 12 months. All pricing is for unlimited site usage for a single user. Annual plans include unlimited plans and specifications.

5.    Do you offer an annual subscription?
You receive unlimited access to our project data per single licensed user. This includes all project details, bidding information, and contact information. We also provide project documents (bidders lists and plans and specifications) when available, as well as project maps and site photos. There are no additional or hidden fees.