Condo Remodeling


When it comes to remodeling a condo there are usually certain things you can do and others you may have to get approval for. There are a couple of things to consider before starting your condo remodeling project. Will it change the exterior appearance? Is it safe for the neighbors? Does in need approval from the HOA board?


Usually anything inside the walls of a condo you can do without HOA approval. Like painting, texturing walls, install new carpet, change appliances, redo your kitchen, change light fixtures etc.


Some items you may need approval for could be windows, doors, exterior color, porch or balcony paint, plumbing, and electrical. You may want to look at you association covenants, conditions and restrictions, commonly known as the CC&Rs to see what condo remodeling items are allowed.


To find a reputable contractor you can post your job on and have contractors and home remodelers bid on your condo remodeling job. To post a job just sign up as a homeowner, post your job, and start receiving bids instantly.