Bid for bathroom counter tops
Bid Amount - $4165
Bidder - Nick Larsen
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Fall City Landscaping Project
Bid Amount - $4241
Bidder - Issaquah Landscaping Inc.
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Need Shirts Made
Bid Amount - $450
Bidder - Kris Gmail
View More is a Seattle Area and nationwide service to bring home owners and contractors together. Home owners can post jobs in over 20 categories. Contractors that are signed up within the area and job category will be notified and invited to bid on the job. Bidvolt can help you finish the job in less time and for less money.

The process is simple.  Whether you are a homeowner needing work done on your home or contractor looking for free leads the first step is to sign up for a account.  You can post unlimited jobs or bid on unlimited jobs.  After the job is completed you leave reviews.

Do I have to pick the lowest bidder?

You don't have to use the lowest bidder. the bidding process is a starting point for prices. You can choose to work with whoever you feel comfortable working with.